Melancholy Love through War 
Roy Tatum

Generative Typography, Infographic Design


Melancholy Love through War is a tribute to Trinh Cong Son (1938-2001), a legendary Vietnamese musician. He was known for his anti-war and sorrow love songs from the 1950s to the early 2000s. The project is comprised of four posters: one career timeline, and three interactive posters.

The typographic treatment of the posters is intended to represent the poetic language in his words and lyrics. Specifically, in the code-based posters, different words from the lyrics are highlighted to emphasize the melancholy emotions of the era and in the musician’s life. Using software written in Processing, the highlighted words float up as the user interacts with the posters. The movement of the typography is intended to convey the fleeting and nostalgic feelings present in Trinh’s work. Appearing within the interactive posters is a series of dots which represent musical notes, tying the interactive posters together visually with elements from the timeline poster. As the dots are pressed, the song corresponding to the printed lyrics is played.


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